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About Us

Hello, thank you for coming to our website!  We’re a loving pet care service dedicated to fulfilling all of your pet’s needs and desires! With our caretaker’s many years of experience we have been providing our furry, fluffy, feathered, scaly and fishy tailed friends with care unique to each individual. We have seen how much our pets give us everyday and we strive to give just a little bit back to them with each visit we make.

Meet Laura!


She started this business back in June 2018.  Since a super young age she has always had a huge love for animals and decided there was nothing she would rather do than spend every moment possible with them.  Growing up she owned and took care of multiple dogs, cats, fish and chickens.  Everyone always said the house was basically a zoo.  She has worked in pet stores taking care of more exotic animals and all sorts of fish like ghost shrimp, betta fish, jacobfreibergi cichlids (that is just such a fun a crazy name we had to put it in there), chameleons, chinchillas, crested geckos, rats, bearded dragons and many others.  She has been doing in home pet care for others since she was old enough to walk there!

If you are looking for more than just a caretaker and want a friend to be there for your bestie when you can’t be, talk to us today! Our goal is to make it personal.  Each pet is unique and we strive to give unique care.  Sometimes that might even go as far as giving special nicknames to your pal, you never know.  For your peace of mind we are insured and a registered LLC.  We can’t wait to hear from you!

Our Unique Name

Our name is a little unusual, here is why!

Name Decipher

Yes, we had to use Oyster twice in our name, he is just that special!

The word “Captain” also includes some pet names, too, like Cloudy, Angie, Player and Terra!