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Who We Serve

cat at windowCats

Does your cat deserve the royal treatment?  We sure think they do!

We will spend time with your cat and help them feel content while you are away and meet their needs by feeding, cleaning litter boxes and completing all other tasks that are required by kitty royals.

dog care infoDogs

We love caring for dogs of all ages and stages!  Whether you have a puppy who needs playtime, a senior who needs snuggling or an energetic teenager who needs walks, we’ll suit the visit to fit their needs.  We offer afternoon walks and visits, or full care if you are going out of town.

bird pet sittingBirds

We love all the different varieties of birds!  Be it Chickens, Parakeets, Cockatiels or Doves, we’ll make sure to feed, give toys and keep cages clean.


Do you have a best bud who happens to be a reptle?  We offer care for all types; snakes, lizards, frogs, geckos, turtles, etc.  If you have something super exotic, talk to us about the new and unique friend. Our services including feeding, cleaning, keeping cages at the right temp and humidity, and fulfilling any other tasks to keep them happy until you return.

fish tankFish

Keeping your fish fed, clean and happy is something we love to do!  We’ll care for your tank whether it’s an itty bitty Betta bowl or a 75 gallon aquarium.  – *We do not have much experience with saltwater tanks, and if you have a very sensitive fish we suggest finding a fish expert!*

small petsSmall Pets

Got Guinea Pigs? Hamsters? Mice or Gerbils?  Our services for these critters include feeding, cleaning cages and giving treats and love, until you return home.

wildlife habitatWildlife Habitats

Do you have an outdoor area for feeding birds or cats, or maybe a pond with fish that need to be cared for?  We are happy to keep the outdoors on their normal schedule, talk to us about the rates!

Areas we service:

North Hills, Bellevue, Avalon, Ross, West View, Ben Avon, Emsworth, Brighton Heights, McCandless, Franklin Park, Wexford, Sewickley, Cranberry, Gibsonia, Crafton, Greentree.