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Where your pet’s next friend, is waiting!!

Pets show us everyday what real love looks like,
and we try to give just a little bit back to them through our services and care.

Our mission is to make it personal for each and every new animal friend because we LOVE what we do!

We currently provide our services in the Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania area.

Personalized Care

We tend to your pet the way you do!

All Species

We care for our diverse world.

Fully Insured

No worries with Pet Insurance.

Pet of the Week

Patchy, the cat

the Tortoiseshell Cat

Congratulations to our meow-velous Pet of the Week, Patchy! Darling Patchy is a shy gal with a beautiful black and brown tortoiseshell coat. Did you know that tortoiseshell cats (like calico cats) are exclusively female?

This pretty tortie lives in a very happy home with a bunch of other cool cats (including  Pet of the Week alumni Catsanova, Friskies, and L.C. Little Cat.) She’s always ready for dinner time with her pals and loves snacking on treats too! Even though Patchy can be a little hesitant to hang out once in a while, she’ll make an appearance to get some pets when her fav cat sitter Abby visits. Patchy loves to luxuriate in the sun and can often be found lounging in a sunbeam around the house. We think this pretty tortie is a ray of sunshine and love taking care of her! Let’s show Patchy some love!
Patchy, the cat
Patchy, the cat
Patchy, the cat
Patchy, the cat

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