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Captain Flosse Dog’s Pet Service —
Where your pet’s next friend, is waiting!!

Pets show us everyday what real love looks like,
and we try to give just a little bit back to them through our services and care.

Our mission is to make it personal for each and every new animal friend because we LOVE what we do!

We currently provide our services in the Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania area.

Personalized Care

We tend to your pet the way you do!

All Species

We care for our diverse world.

Fully Insured

No worries with Pet Insurance.

Pet of the Week

Lottie, the dog

Lottie, the Goldendoodle

This week we are so thankful for our Pet of the Week, Lottie. Miss Lottie is a gorgeous Goldendoodle – a Golden retriever and Poodle breed mix known for their affectionate nature, intelligence, and low-shedding coat (what a plus!)

Not only is Lottie a charmer, but she certainly is a pretty lady and she wears hair accessories to highlight her natural beauty. Lottie loves sniffing around the neighborhood on walks with her Captain Flosse dog walker, Jessi, and Jessi’s dog, Sareena. Miss Lottie always finds pretty flowers or greenery to model her newest hair clip by. Miss Lottie is a well-behaved doggo and, like most dogs, is NOT into fireworks. Lottie is such a lovable, “fetching” lady and we are lucky to spend time with her.

Lottie, the dog
Lottie, the dog
Lottie, the dog

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