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Captain Flosse Dog’s Pet Service —
Where your pet’s next friend, is waiting!!

Pets show us everyday what real love looks like,
and we try to give just a little bit back to them through our services and care.

Our mission is to make it personal for each and every new animal friend because we LOVE what we do!

We currently provide our services in the Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania area.

Personalized Care

We tend to your pet the way you do!

All Species

We care for our diverse world.

Fully Insured

No worries with Pet Insurance.

Pet of the Week

Cinnamon, the Cat

This week’s Pet of the Week is a truly fur-midable feline! Say hello to Cinnamon! We’re not exaggerating when we say that this handsome, orange, tabby tom-cat is possibly one of the friendliest cats in the universe. He’s always the first to greet us at the door and is the best tour guide during each visit. Cinnamon lives happily with three other kitties and loves taking on the role as frontman for the merry band of cats. 

Cinnamon is also what we call “cat-hletic.” His cat sitter, Maria, shared that on one visit she leaned over and he jumped from the counter onto her back and sat down! It was quite impressive! When he’s not achieving acrobatic feats, Cinnamon is known to be a snuggle bug and goofball all rolled into one purrfect package. He loves being pet and will curl up on your lap in a heart-beat. He’ll also roll over and show his tummy and will sometimes roll right off a counter in pursuit of tummy rubs. We think Cinnamon is quite the character! He’s a dynamic cat – silly, confident, smart, and super-duper lovable. 

Let’s show this ham some love!

Cinnamon, the cat
Cinnamon, the cat
Cinnamon, the cat
Cinnamon, the cat
Cinnamon, the cat

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