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Pet of the Week: Waffles, the Conure

Say hello to our Pet of the Week, Waffles! NO, he is not a delicious breakfast treat. YES, he is a beautiful green, yellow, red, and blue bird called a conure. Conures are a diverse group of parrots and make lovely companion birds due to their small size, eye-catching colors, and intelligence. Conures are also known to have a lot of personality and Waffles certainly does! Not only is he playful, but he’s also been known to be very talkative, another reason that conures make excellent feathery friends.


Conures are active, busy birds and Waffles loves to play with lots of different colorful toys independently. He lives with his conure sister, Kuchi, and enjoys snacking on treats, chop, and Nutri-berries. Waffles also loves to dance – which we think is just the cutest thing! Doesn’t he sound like the best feathery friend (BFF) you could ask for? We think he is!

Waffles the Conure
Waffles the Conure
Waffles the Conure

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