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We are a loving pet sitting and dog walking service available to take care of your pet(s) when you are unable. With unique, personalized care, we strive to fulfill all of your pet’s needs and desires!
We currently provide our services in the Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania area.


Personalized Care

We tend to your pet the way you do!

All Species

We care for our diverse world.

Fully Insured

No worries with Pet Insurance.

Pet of the Week: Mabel, the Dog

Sweet little Mabel is a King Charles Cavalier, a breed known for their gentle, affectionate natures, beautiful coats, and big eyes. At 14 weeks, puppy Mabel is learning new things every day. She is a playful little adventurer and loves to explore her yard in search of sticks, leaves, and pine cones. 


She loves tummy rubs, rolling around, and is a connoisseur of the finest shoelaces. Though adorably sleepy when she wakes from her puppy nap, her energy revs up quickly, and she is ready to play as fast as you can say “squeaky minion.” She loves to play tug with her rope toy and her bravery knows no bounds as she slides across the floor in pursuit of her ball. We love watching Mabel grow and feel so lucky to spend time with this cutie pie!


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